String Trimmer Attachment

Finally! Mow & Trim-- A One Step Operation

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4M Trimmer Attachment Facts
~ Models C and Z Can be retro fitted to virtually any riding lawnmower equipped with a minimum fifteen AMP electrical charging system.
~ The H model can be retro fitted to the Zero trun mowers.  The H model is equipped with a seperate Hydraulic tank, pump and motor for the trimmer.  This unit is made for the heaviest cutting jobs.  This machine will cut as fast as the string will allow.
~ The C and the Z models are equipped with special designed D.C. electric motor with a high RPM output. Motor is sealed to keep out dirt, dust and grit.
~ The cutter head can be adjusted to any angle desired while operator remains seated.
~ All motors are designed to be approximately the same diameter as the cutter head that allows for the free mowing of spaces under fences, close to walls, along borders and etc.
~ The cutter head has a lateral movement to and from base unit & floating action to help minimize scalping.
~ A new tap-top automatic feed head enables operator to feed string as needed while seated on base unit. (Pat. pending) This free feeding head eliminates the need for a string cutter because approximately one inch of string is fed out with each tap. Trimmer uses line .095 to .135 in size.
~ The pivot arm, cutter head and motor are mounted to the base plate on tapered bearings increasing longevity and enhancing ease of movement.
~ All models are equipped with tension adjustment for controlling floating action of the cutter head.
~ The cutter head is equipped with a double spool head containing approximately twenty feet of string. Because the operator has total control of feeding string until all of the string has been used effectively, this feature dramatically reduces the frequency of rewinding string onto cutter head.

The trimmer attachment enhances the normal mowing operation by allowing trimming to occur even as the mowing operation is going forward.